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This site explores Canada, one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations. With the history, fashon, and much much more, this site has everything you need to learn about the Frozen Canada.

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History of Canada.

This section of CanadaGuide is the history of Canada. Click on the button below to start reading the history of Canada

The history section of CanadaGuide starts from when the French came to Canada, right down to when Canada finally had its independence from Britain.
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Sports, Fashion, Hobbies

These three posts are for Canadians favourite sports, fashion and hobbies. Read on to find out Canadians's favourite things!

Canadians' Sports

Read about inline hockey and other cool Canadian Sports to play!

Canadians' Fashion

Read about the fashion of the Canadians!

Canadians' Hobbies

Read about the Canadians' favourite hobbies such as skiing!

Canada's Famous Landmarks & Lands

Explore beautiful Canadian Landmarks


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"Montreal is one of my fave cities in the world. I have made it a tradition to visit every single summer for the past 10 years, often late June, early July, when every day is a festival and the great weather is cause for celebration. From Jazz Fest to Comedy Fest to Poutine Fest... from Vieux Montreal to Plateau- here’s some of the best places to eat, see, stay and more."
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