Adsense – Why Your Website Doesn’t Get Approved 2020

by Jack Sun

If you have a website, you will probably run ads on your website to make some money, but which ad provider should you choose? Enter Google Adsense.

You’ve probably applied for Google Adsense, and you’ve probably got rejected (that’s why you’re looking at this article, duh). But have you checked that your website fits with Google Adsense’s policies? We will be looking at the reasons why Google Adsense rejects your applications.


I’m guessing that most of you already know what Google Adsense is, but if you don’t, Google Adsense is basically a ads provider which allows people to put ads on their websites, a way for them to earn some money. Google Adsense is the most popular ad provider, which means lots of people are using it. There are a lot of pros for using Adsense, but a con that makes people tear their hairs off is the application of joining Adsense. For new users who are inexperienced, 95% of them won’t get accepted.

Of course, for pro users it’s a breeze. But since most of us are inexperience and got declined, we’re wondering why the heavens that we didn’t get accepted. But not today. Today it will change. Today I will be showing you the reasons why Google Adsense declines your application.


Privacy Policy

Your website needs to have a privacy policy page. Every website needs it to get accepted. You can write it yourself, or if you are lazy you can use a privacy policy generator (like TermsFeed) or get someone to write it for you. If you use WordPress, you can use plugins that automatically writes the privacy policy page. Just search up privacy policy generator and I’ll bet there will come with a lot of plugins that will help.


Google Adsense needs to know if you are actually legit or not, so you will need a about page. A about page will be like who are you, when the website was made, etc. For creating a about page I think you will have to write it yourself since I don’t think any generator can create about page.


Google Adsense also needs to know if customers that visit your website can reach and contact you, so it is very important that you get a contact page. If you use WordPress, you can install free contact page plugins like Contact Form 7 or WP Forms (not a valid link yet).

You will need all three of these pages in order to get in, so get them and put them on the menu!


Now obviously your content does matter in whether you get in or not. Your content must be original, high-quality, and attracts audiences. You will need to post like 10 posts so that Google Adsense thinks you are a legit business and not just a scummy dude trying to do whatever.

Restricted Content

If your content includes one of these things, your website won’t make it into Adsense:

  • Shocking
  • Sexual
  • Explosive
  • Tobacco
  • Guns
  • Drugs
  • Recreational
  • Sale of Alcohol
  • Online Gambling
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Unapproved Pharmaceuticals or Supplement


Your Age

The minimum age of using Adsense is 18. But if you are not 18, you can make your caregiver set up Adsense for you and then you can use the account that they made.

Website Age

If you are in China or in India, you will need to own the website for at least 6 months to get accepted since Google Adsense senses that there are a lot of scam websites in China and India and they do not want to see them from the search engine. If you are in all the other countries it probably won’t matter.


If you really think you haven’t don’t done anything to get not approved, you could always check if your website is banned from Google. You can use a online banned check tool to see if your website is banned.


That’s basically what you need! If you are still getting rejected you can comment below and I’ll help or you can ask on other websites like you could try your Facebook group. I hope that you have fixed this issue and if you do make sure to like!

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