For some people, it is considered that Canada is the best country in the world (stats show it is the second-best country in the world, behind Switzerland), widely known for its hockey, maple syrup and the cold winters. Great White North (Canada’s nickname) is truly a spectacular place to visit.

Canada General Facts

Here is Canada’s population, which is 0.48% of the total world population.

Population of Canada in midyear: 37,742,154

Canada’s capital city in Quebec. Many people there speak French there since Quebec was a French colony. Canada (as you might have guessed) is the 2nd coldest country, with the average temperature being -7.14.

In the 2015 international survey, the Reputation Institute discovered that Canada has the best reputation out of the 55 countries in the world with the highest gross domestic product (GDP). Canada is a beautiful country with friendly and welcoming people. The lifestyle there is good, so it is a very good place to live.

Canada Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

Facts from kids-world-travel-guide.

Canada History

Canada’s history started when a person called Jacques Cartier found Canada in 1534 and named it Canada because it sounded like the word “village” in the Iroquoian language, which was Kanata. Some people went to the land and fished there because when they got home to England there was always lots of fish. Boatloads, in fact. And because there were French people that explored Canada, people there also spoke French. But then a war started with England and France, and the English won. Then all of New France (Canada) belonged to Great Britain. But someone people still speak French today, like the city of Quebec.