Top 4 Best Reasons Why Your Website’s SEO Doesn’t Rank High

by Jack Sun

Whenever you search something in the search engines, you will find high-quality content at the first three slots of the list the search engine gives to you. You want more people to go to your website, but you won’t achieve that without one important thing: SEO. Your SEO needs to be very good in order to rank up to the top of search engines, and there are a lot of factors to improve SEO. I will be showing you reasons why your website might not rank very well in search engines (not in particular order).


What Is SEO?

Before we talk about the reasons why your website might not rank high in search engines, we need to know what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and as you can probably guess by the name, it is how good your website is optimised for search engines. Websites with good optimisation for search engines are better ranked in search engines than other websites.

SEO is really important to your website because this is where you will get your traffic. If your SEO is really bad, then the number of people that visits your website decreases as well. You want to get that top 3-5 slots because people mostly click on those websites because it is better ranked and good SEO generally means good content. Now let’s get to the reasons!

1. Speed

The speed of your website affects greatly on how much visitors go on your website. Speed also affects your SEO. If your page load time is loads from 1-3 seconds, I would say that is an OK speed. But if your website loads more than three seconds, your website risks people exiting the site because it is too slow. This is called bounce rate.

Your website speed affects your SEO a lot, so how do you get your website to load faster? Well, you can first off, check your website’s speed right now. I recommend using GTmetrix for website speed testing, as it is a free tool and tells you what you need to fix for your website and how to do it.

If you are using WordPress, you can also download free plugins that make your website faster, but I recommend using WP Rocket as it is in my opinion, the best speed plugin.

3 Ways To Make Your Website Faster

1. Cache your website

Caching basically is storing copies of your website into a cache, so when users go to your website the cache gives the user the already made copy of your website, which makes your website go faster. I think that most builders/hosting caches automatically, but if not you could contact them on how to cache your website. If you are using WordPress then again installing a caching plugin like WP Rocket is useful.

2. Optimise your images

Optimising your images is a great way of speeding up your website. Basically, optimising your images is squeezing it into an image that takes less space. For example, I downloaded an image that has a file size of 200MB from Google Images. Personally, if I were to upload that to my website it would take up lots of space – space that doesn’t need to be taken up. So, I go to TinyJPG, which is a free tool which optimises your images for you. I optimise my image and now, my image only takes up 20MB! Amazing!

You can optimise your images manually like using tools like TinyJPG. But if you have hundreds of images you might want to optimise your images another way. You can try contacting your hosting provider and asking what to use to optimise your images, or if you are using WordPress you can just optimise your images with plugins like ShortPixel (or if you are using WP Rocket for caching I recommend using Imagify (which is free) for image optimisation since they work together and are made from the same company)!

3. Your Hosting Provider

Sometimes, it may just be your hosting provider that is making your website slow! Try and search up to find the page load time of your hosting provider, and if it’s under three seconds your hosting provider is fine, but if it is more than three seconds you might want to switch to faster hosting companies like Hostinger.

2. Content

Your content matters in SEO. There are a number of factors that make up your SEO in content. Let’s see some of them:

1. Words

When you read an article from one of the top three slots from the search engine, you know that most of the articles are long. And that’s what search engine likes because that proves that the quality of the content is good and that it is legit and that you have put a lot of effort into it. Try getting at least 1000 words into your blog post.

Keyword Density

Try not to mention the keyword a lot. A good keyword density will be about 1-2%.

2. Images

Search engines like it when you put an alt text into your images because it makes your website more user-friendly. If someone blind comes with a screen reader, the screen reader will read the alt text and the person who is blind will know what the image is about. Also, make sure that you include images or videos in your page.

3. Heading

Your heading is super important because a good heading will decide if people will click on it and a bad heading will make users choose another website. Your heading has to draw the readers in. Make sure that you include these things in your header:


Numbers is very important to include in headings. It could be ‘in 2020’ or ‘3 ways to’.

Power Word

Always make sure to include a power word in your heading like ‘bestselling’ or ‘article with bonus’. You can get a list of power words to choose from at this link.

Positive/Negative Words

Make sure to include a positive or negative word in your heading.


Always include your keyword in your heading. You can use keyword tools like Semrush.

4. Linking

Links are a very, very big part of SEO. If sites link to your page, search engines will know that this page is good because people have pointed it to your site. This is called backlinks.

You also have to include links to other websites because search engines like that and also you have to link to your own website’s pages so that people continue exploring your website. When you go on a web page that has a really good SEO, you can see that there are links everywhere! Well, maybe not everywhere, but they are spotted around. That is a big factor of why their SEO is so good.

How To Get Backlinks

Since backlinks are so good, how do you get them? Well, you can get them these ways (from Semrush).

Nice Tools To Help SEO

I’ve got some really useful tools that can help your website’s SEO. Here are three of them:


Semrush is basically an all-out tool that lets you know where your website is ranked at, how to improve it, and it has a keyword tool as well. I would say this is one of, if not the best SEO tool for websites. The only downside of this tool is that it costs a lot: $99 a month for the cheapest plan! Here is a full review for Semrush from Panda Tech here.


Ahrefs is another useful tool that helps your website rank. They have a number of useful tools to help you rank better in the search engines. Ahrefs cost the same as Secmrush: cheapest plan is $99 a month. So if you can afford the $99 a month you have to choose from Ahrefs or Semrush. Here’s a review of Ahrefs from the YouTube channel Authority Hacker.

Rank Math

If you do not use wordPress, you can skip this part. But if you use WordPress, I highly recommend using the free plugin called Rank Math which is a SEO plugin for WordPress users. It tells you things to fix and in fact. This web page is using it as well! Rank Math is the best free SEO tool for WordPress users, and I’ll show you a video from Wes McDowell’s YouTube channel that shows you a full tutorial on Rank Math.


You can search up a question or something on a search engine and click into one of the top 3 websites there and see what technique the page is using to get high SEO. You can look at this page right now! You can see that this page hs all the things I have mentioned. So how did you get here?


So SEO is very important in making your website have traffic. I hope you have learned something from reading this. Go now, and make your website’s SEO better!

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